OurVirtual Run FAQ
Have you got questions? Scroll through our list below to learn all the FAQ's, if you have a question not answered below email us and we will get back to you!
What is a virtual race, how does it work?
You can run, walk or hike anywhere you want. Indoor track, treadmill, outside in your city, country road, mountains or beach... the course choice is entirely yours. 
Best part you can do it any time of day that works best for you, and we give you a full week September 17th - 23rd to choose the date and time that work best for your schedule.
You can even use this as a goal to work towards, or a training run for another race. Get a group of friends and family together and have fun or compete against each other. The choices and all the possibilities of how you will accomplish your finish in this virtual race are entirely yours!
What do I get if I Register?
Our virtual race is similar to a live event. You'll get a custom technical race t-shirt, beautiful custom finisher's medallion, and a virtual race bib. T-shirt and medallion will be shipped out to you.
How do I track my run to submit in the official results?
There are various methods you can use to track your race. Any GPS or fitness tracker device, a fitness tracking app on your phone.
All you need to do is snap a quick picture of your finish mileage and you'll be added to the official results list.

Don't have access to any of these? No problem, we use the honor system, if you tell us you finished it, we will believe you and add your name to our official finisher's list.

Results can be emailed or uploaded HERE between September 17th - 23rd. (As well as after the race until September 28th.)
Why is there a cost?
Every method possible was used to keep the costs down, we considered ordering everything from Asia, to keep the costs even lower. However, being a virtual run promoting running/walking across America, we decided it would be best to work with American businesses to provide the Screen Printing for the T-Shirts and the creation of the finishers medallions. These items do cost to produce, as well as does the registration system we use and the shipping weight costs to send the materials to the participants. (T-shirts may be obtained by vendor through any source, the printing itself will be done in the USA)

Just as living a healthy life and staying active is important, we also feel supporting small businesses in the United States are also important.

To keep registration prices as low as possible this particular event is being used as a Thesis project (by a runner) to determine the validity of utilizing influencer based advertising to promote. All marketing and advertising costs have been able to be eliminated as part of the influencer based promotional testing.  

By signing up for this virtual event, you are not only creating business for several small businesses around America. You are also helping in a
College Thesis project for a "returned college student" to obtain her degree!
How can I share my training and race photos with other participants?
We want you to share your photos or tag us in them, we have several ways you can do this:

Post on OUR FACEBOOK page.

Post on Instagram using hashtag  #SeatoShiningSeaVR or tag us in your post @RunSeatoShiningSeaVR  
(If you do this, we may reshare your photo on the races Instagram page.)

Or send us a Tweet @Sea2ShiningSeVR

Do I have to submit my finish time to receive my finishers medallion and t-shirt?
No, every registered participant will receive these items.

Do I have to have a U.S. Mailing address to participate?
Yes, prices for this race were figured based on U.S. Shipping charges. 

At this time, we are only allowing U.S. Shipping address participants to join.

If there is interest from outside of the U.S. contact us and we may consider adding an out of country option if you are willing to pay the added shipping costs.

Why is the price higher for late registration?
This is because the t-shirt and medallion orders are based on quantity. In order to have all participants packages mailed out to you to be received before the race week, we will be placing an earlier order.

For those registering later, in order to have the items created and shipped in time, there are higher fees from the vendors we are utilizing. So the higher registration fee for late registration is to compensate for these fee's so we can late registration packages sent out on time.

How can I contact you for more information?
You can email us directly at: [email protected]